Visions: Jesus Standing At The Doorway (Post #432)


Vision: I saw Jesus on stairs standing in a doorway that was opened with his robe wrapped around him with very deep ripples in it. He had a white glory light shining behind him again. His hair was down and wavy to his shoulders.  The scriptures God gave me with this vision was Revelations 3:20 and Jeremiah 24:7.

Revelations 3:20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

You can see more in the video below:

Vision: This was a double meaning about how and why we fast and also him hiding his face from sin.  Fasting is used to not only get closer to God, but also to help us get out of temptation or with a needed request from him. I saw Jesus praying and it was just his hair that seemed unwashed and stringy. I couldn’t see his face so I asked why I didn’t see his face this time, then I see another vision of his face but didn’t recognize if it was him. I believe because he was showing his people we need to fast and do it in secret and also he was hiding his face from sin as well.  Reference Isaiah 59:2

The Lord gave me this scripture below after I posted all this regarding his face looking disfigured after I asked him why he did not show me his face. Matthew 6:16-18 – Moreover when ye fast, be not, as the hypocrites, of a sad countenance: for they disfigure their faces, that they may appear unto men to fast. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. Reference Isaiah 59:2

Vision: Saw Jesus another time climbing up this high mountain all the way to the top. I’ve seen him high up before, where he watches the world.  I did not add this one to the video, but it was a nice vision too.

Vision: Another vision I saw him closer and he had his blue sash on this time.  This is a pattern to show he can be close to his people if we need him.

Prophetic Word: God was comforting me one day. I asked God a specific response to something and he responded….”You are mine!” John 17:10

Vision: I saw a vision of a branch with one leaf falling to the ground and then I saw a man of God speaking about not being cut off from the Lord.  I knew the Lord shows us that we can be cut off if we continue to love sin more then him.

Dream: 2-22 I was dreaming of speaking with God for a long time, I remember some things we spoke about, but then could not wake up to write them down and forgot what we said.

Dreams: I’ve had multiple personal dreams about people I meet.  I either get these before I meet them or after.  Sometimes they are in the form of visions.  God reveals something about these people I know nothing about.  He’s revealing truth.

2-26-22 Invention dream of silicone toliet paper being used more around the world.

Dream: Saw a man building shelter on small rock cliff for homeless people. I believe he had long dark hair in a bun. He was around my age maybe but looked a bit younger. I saw him putting out blankets and clipping them to the rocks to build a barrier so people could not see them. I was trying to help him. I went to put the other blanket up there for them to be warm and it was a building that helped him with supplies too. Like a non profit organization. It had a confusing wood stair case to get to the rock location, so I could not find him. I saw other men swimming in water below like for swim lessons. They all had swim hats on and were moving from board to board. By the time I finally remembered which stairs to take that were going upward, not down. I saw him coming back down the stairs to see where I was.

Dream; I dreamed a brother was kidnapped and it was not too far from where he lived. Some blond at a bar knew the name and location but would not tell me. She gave me a number instead to keep herself from trouble. But her name was around Amanda Lavik or something. I was upset at the family for not caring so much and telling them all we should fast.

Heard In the Spirit “Agile Movement.” Then I saw a vision of garden bed.

Saw myself at the top of the ladder.

Dream 2-22: Stalker guy who had an ex who was also stalking him. He started to like this girl who was by a pool area with her son or daughter. I don’t remember if it was a girl or boy, but they were young. She was with a group of people and one girl in that group was on a tv show. They had chocolate covered pretzels and treats. The guy ended up walking into her house because she would not answer the door to see if he was being ignored and another man was there, so he thought he had the wrong address. I saw her at one point take her daughter outside in a muddy area of backyard and her child was wanting all her toys. At this point I saw other children. This guy seemed genuinely nice but had an obssesive disorder.