Jesus Showed Me A Hebrew Bracelet – For His Bride


Video Message:

Prophetic Word: “Be Fully Assured”

Vision: I saw Jesus with a gold bracelet on his wrist. He was wearing his white robe and his hood was not up this time. He showed this gold bracelet that had Hebrew writings in it. I only saw him close to his shoulders this time bc he was sitting at a table. He was smiling while looking at the bracelet. I have attached a picture I created to show what I saw. It’s close to it. Please see the video above for this message for his bride.

Vision: Jesus on cross on top of church – I saw Jesus on a cross on top of a white building that looked like a church. He had his blue sash on and white robe. His head was down and it looked like he was dead. The church building represents his people. We are crucifying him at times by our old thoughts or mindset. This message is about the renewing of our mind to be like Christ and not letting our minds go back to our old way’s of thinking.

Dream: I felt I was playing the role in this dream of living with man and he was around 20-30’s and short blonde hair. I was young also and we were newly married. He was very particular about things and would upset me. He said something about the way I cook and it upset me, so he eventually felt bad and went to cook it for me. I saw there were storms coming ahead of time, so we were preparing and leaving our home before they hit. Suddenly all the storms calmed down and we were at peace. This home had a lot of space around it, there was not close homes to it.

Vision: First I saw an angel in distant with long dark wings – I believe this was satan standing at a distance waiting for me to fall again. Wherever you have encounters with God or angels, Satan tries to mimic or step in and ruin it.

Dream: Then I dreamed of speaking to God and he was showing me complex things – I saw these sentences God was showing me, but remember thinking it was so complex I could not understand the meanings. I didn’t feel we were always meant to understand right away and this message was clear to not lean on your own understanding with everything. Sometimes it is just having faith and trust.

Dream: I then dreamed of my angel coming to speak to me…
I went to this class that had musical instruments in the back and desk on front side. there was a guy in charge of it as their teacher. First I was playing an instrument and we were all playing in harmony. It felt nice, but then He was going to be taking all cellphones(communication) as part of their lesson. I remember thinking I am not doing that bc that doesn’t seem right so I left the classroom, but I left mostly bc of my sadness and I was tired. I went to lay in this bed outside with an old blanket and I just felt empty and sad. The guy teacher came out to speak to me. I remember him explaining my relationship with God like a married couple who had been in a relationship for a long time and it can go stale after a while, so you have to renew it. I told him it’s not that I don’t love Jesus, but I don’t always feel it, so I guess I still love him. He got excited and said “There you go”, and explaining that it’s just a long-term relationship that needs work basically. At one point he stopped the convo to go play a joke on someone coming and then he played a joke on someone at the door. I knew this was my angel after he did that, he had the very same personality and smile I seen other times. There are times I even get tired, and this can happen if we don’t spend enough time with the Lord over the distractions of life. It’s not always easy, but it’s necessary! The lord never ceases to amaze me how he encourages us when we are weary.

Vision: After this dream I saw a vision of Jesus again standing in the doorway watching me in his white robe. These are like his stamps of approval.

Dream: This next dream I will share, God again showed me obstacles I would endure the next day.

I dreamed of a guy and me being led in a big building with good and evil.  There was a church upstairs, but demons below.  A woman gave me a note upstairs as I was sitting in a church pew.  I remember being upset about a man who embarrassed me, so I was too upset to deliver the message.  A lady I knew was from the Lord passed me a note and the note started turning in circles in my hand, so I started to realize this was a supernatural message so I needed to give it despite how I felt.  The lady told me to deliver it specifically to room 135.  Me and this other guy went through a lot of obstacles first along with a couple huge demons on the staircase.  Then I saw a classroom where a girl was teaching and saw it was the wrong room, so we finally found the correct room and he was gone.  Many ppl were trapped so the lady came to help guide us.  The batteries were too big and not right ones, so we took a car battery instead.  She helped us complete the task.

I am going to blow your minds with how God works with me.  In this message you may not understand all the jumbleness, but it is exactly what happened to me a day later and some I see are God’s messengers in the spirit guiding me.  I was actually frustrated from the time I woke bc I had to figure out how to charge my mom’s batteries in time and knew nothing ab charging a car battery.  I had the wrong cord so it would not work, so I ended up finally finding another cord that worked and completed the task.  I also delivered the message I felt God wanted despite my frustration or other obstacles I had been through that day.  Also, all those who were trapped were some readers who needed to hear this message.  You see God is revealing in these dreams!