The Lord Said: I am the Effort, Clear of Traditional Ways


Heard the Lord say: “I am the effort, clear of traditional ways.” God is the power behind everything or the effort, not us. We think if we follow this tradition or this way it is his way, but not always. To follow God you need to hear, to hear you need to learn to speak his language and sit with him. We all have misinterpreted scriptures before, so we all need guidance for understanding. I tell people this all the time, that without the holy spirit activated and teaching, you will struggle to understand his truth fully. Many told me they walked away from the bible, because it doesn’t make sense to them. He told us to ask for the baptism of the holy spirit for a reason and to speak in the spirit for a reason. God is a spirit, so this is his gift to us! God gives good gifts to those who love him. Speaking in the spirit seems to edify us by making our spirit stronger to hear and even see and some get prophecy from it. The secret to using this gift correctly is to do it with good intentions or love for God. Do you know how many testimonials I saw of God speaking and clearing things up for those who had these spiritual gifts vs those who never used them? Do not bury your gifts, does not just mean earthly gifts…store up your treasures in heaven not on earth…God also gives spiritual gifts and tells us to be kingdom minded! Many follow man-made religions or their own idea of his ways and are set in their ways about it, but do you realize I also did this and God corrected some things I had learned for years in a specific church? We have to go to God for the true relationship with him where he becomes the teacher. Jesus was called rabbi or teacher many times for a reason. I believe a dream I had goes with this where I saw a teacher showing on the chalk board 3%, meaning it was a warning before you go the wrong way with a lesson. God is the effort or power behind it all and tells us not to lean on our own understanding about things. We need to get rid of traditional ways of man and go to the source for all truth! The holy spirit leads us to all truth the bible says and no matter what calling you have today we all can have this gift now. Our father has so much more to teach us and will retrain us if needed! Be open to his holy spirit leading you into all truth.

Mark 7:5 Then the Pharisees and scribes asked Him, “Why do Your disciples not walk according to the tradition of the elders, but eat bread with unwashed hands?” 6 He answered and said to them, “Well did Isaiah prophesy of you hypocrites, as it is written:

‘This people honors Me with their lips,
But their heart is far from Me.
7And in vain they worship Me,
Teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.’

8For laying aside the commandment of God, you hold the tradition of men—[d]the washing of pitchers and cups, and many other such things you do.” 9 He said to them, “All too well you [e]reject the commandment of God, that you may keep your tradition. (Read the full chapter)

Vision: Saw the Lord walking and I was viewing him from the left side. He had his robe on and was walking on what looked like a brown boat dock that was as T-shape. He was looking down like he was thinking or pondering as he was walking. Remember when Jesus called the disciples out of the boat to follow him and become fishers of men instead of fishers for men….I believe this vision is from that message. Matthew 4:19 KJV: And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

Vision: Saw white words “I adore you”

Heard the Lord say one morning: “It is not good for man to be alone”

Saw a brown door open and it was spring and beautiful outside. I woke to a beautiful spring day!

Dream: I saw a lot of floods in New York and Florida areas. People were leaving to go somewhere safe.

Dream of Divination From the Devil: See Dream below

Vision: I saw a name called “Nay” and I was going to dismiss this thinking it was nothing, but as soon as I logged into this social game I saw a girl with an avi named “Nay” and asked if she needed prayer and told her God gave me her name. I feel like God gives us names to pray for others and try to help them see God has more, but sadly not all believe that.

Dream: I saw a white horse laying down from battle. The white horse is a representation of the bride wanting to give up or laying down in the battle. The battle is not ours but the Lords, we just need to keep walking. The devil is out to get God’s ppl and we have to recognize we have an enemy. Life is too short and hard enough to cause more problems for others. Give the battle to God.

Dream: Someone in Africa pretended to be white boy hiding in their home but had nice home. He had relatives come to try to see him but he hid from them. He was hiding his identity for some reason.

Dreamed of mom and sisters and we were talking about going to Florida on vacation. The next morning I told my mom the dream and she looked at me and said it was strange bc me and your sister were just talking ab that yesterday.

Dreamed of my other sister and her husband looking at RV’s and saying it looked to crowded. This sister told me a week ago they were just talking about wanting one.

Dream: I was playing the role of a man and was in a helicopter and flying over an ocean and saw a body under ice. I broke the ice with the heel of my foot and pulled the girl out and did cpr. She didn’t want to live. That day I told my son the dream and he told me, soldiers died in helicopter accident. I wasn’t sure if one of them had saved someone from drowning or if this was someone viewing this message.

Dream: I saw a snake in my house and it got away, then I found it again and it had babies. I tried to catch it, but it got away. I think later I may have found it again, but woke. If we see these they are warnings to pray against attacks that could come our way.

Dream: I saw a bunch of land and my younger sister was upset about something, I also had a new car in this dream

Dream: I was possibly playing the role of the girlfriend in this dream. I dreamed of this man dark hair and pulled his hair back in bun. Tall and cute. He was very busy with so many ppl and girls also for some reason. Always busy and I felt sad bc I made him a cake for his birthday but he did not come to blow out my candles for mine. It was like we had birthdays around same time. I was laying in bed and fell asleep crying and he came home and I just didn’t trust him anymore. He didn’t realize what all I had done and told me he was so sorry. Was like I was always waiting on him, but he had too many others in his life to care as much. I was a blonde and younger. I was so disappointed again that I threw both cakes against the wall and dresser and went to bed sad before he got home.

Dream of divination:
I had these supernatural powers that a guy(devil) wanted to harness to see if I can get more. He explained it like it was a good thing and felt at first he could be from God and I almost fell for it. He took me and these kids that were with me to this location that had field and there was the metal tower in center. I for some reason had just taken a shower or got clean and still had towel on head. He had me hold these two metal handles while he activated the machine. I really felt nothing, but the whole time could see supernaturally into the sky. He said it worked though. When I got home I started to feel it wasn’t right. I saw these demon smoke heads flying around that I could hold and I threw them out the door that had a top and bottom. I look out at the top door and a gymnasium was there and was the one I saw before but this time I recognized the basketball players as demons with big red eyes. The whole gym was filled with demons. I knew what I had done opened up a portal for them. They came into my home telling me now I belong to satan and God won’t accept you. I almost believed them, but instead remembered what God said in his word. I told them I am a child of God and you have to leave in Jesus name. I repeated this a few times and said I am a child of God, you need to leave in Jesus name NOW. You are not allowed here in my home and they left. I was sitting down trying to explain to the two kids who witnessed it all that it was the devils plan to harness our power that comes from God that he gives to his children. Then I saw the little boy flying but he had white power. I wasn’t sure if they got it from God or the devil so I went out to find out. I figured it was from God though.

We don’t often realize why it is so important not to touch certain things in this world or do the things God ask us not to do with witchcraft, divination, mediums and any power apart from his. First, because it is real and second because it allows demonic to enter and can do worst to us. The devil does not want us to have more power to defeat him, he wants to harness our power within to use it for evil, we have power that is given by God in the spirit from him that is used for his glory. The man that tempted me was the devil, same as he does many today who seek power.