God said “The Dream Is Within You”


I saw a vision of white words with “The Dream In You” and then I heard “The Dream is within you
Vision: I had a vision of my dad this morning and he was walking in a field by some tractor or car. I thought to pray for him, which is what I do every time God shows me a vision of a person.
Dream: I dreamed of a boat docked near homes and it was in rough waters with waves coming in boat. There were two guys and one was steering the boat and seemed to have it under control. This guy I felt I knew and the other was his friend.
Dream: I dreamed of a friend I facetimed and he appeared cute at first and younger, but then when I met him in person he seemed much older. He had a good spirit it seemed.
Dream: I dreamed again of my ex and idk why I keep dreaming these as I have no desire to return to him, but I dreamed we were getting an apartment together across from my mom. My son’s were there also. My mom and aunt were in an apartment across the street. I know sometimes the dreams can use someone similar but be a totally different person for the future.
Words: Philip Celiz