Jesus Brought Me To Tears


The last couple of days I turned on music and I am in tears with thinking back on the love Jesus has shown me in this journel. I remember the images of his smiles and how he watches my every move.  I remember him working on the white garment he prepared for me. I remember him showing me his secret places, and I remember him showing me things to come in the kingdom for me and others. I remember all his words of encouragement to lift and build me up, when I felt worthless. I think of his gentle voice I have heard and the love he has expressed with such great purity you can’t ignore it. He is sincere and while crying my eyes out feeling his love, I kept saying “You will never leave me.” Other’s have left me I loved, but he will not. I can’t make him leave me if I mess up. I have him and he is mine forever now and that is my greatest treasure. You have no clue the love he is willing to show until you dive in fully. You have no clue what he will do until you give him your heart. I feel him so strong in my heart and I can’t help to cry so much from that kind of love. I just can’t express it, but only come to tears because of it.

This is the song he gave me to listen too and it brought back all he did for me:
God was saying “Queen” to me again yesterday also and in my dreams I was seeing it.