Dream of Dirt Falling


Dream: There was some kinda future event where dirt was falling from the sky on earth.
Dream: Many guys in a neighborhood were all leaving their families and dressed in black attire. They had guns and bow and arrows. They appeared very evil and was out to kill many people.
Dream: I dreamed I was doing business with a guy involving insurance and somehow I got customers with an idea for cheap online traffic and something to do with walmart too. I remember looking the next day and we had made 745+5+5 customers. I think it ended up being over 800 customers when I looked again. I remember the guy had dark hair and was taller then me. He is the same guy I keep seeing myself doing biz with, but I can’t really make out his face fully. He figured out my salary and it was over 27000.
Dream: I dreamed a guy that left my work who was always saying I am the love of his life lol He came back to say he won 81,000 and I told him he should buy a home.
Dream: I was in a crowd of people listening to a speaker and it had long glass windows all around and I saw palm trees outside blowing back and forth against the glass. The storm kept getting worse.
Dream: I was putting a toddler in my car and two guys in a dark car pulled up next to me and it was a tight squeeze to get by. At first they were not gonna let me even shut my door, but I looked at them like what are you doing. Then they backed their car to let me shut her door.
Words God has been saying: Apex and Near