Vision of A Stone Tablet


Vision: I saw a single stone tablet in the ground a bit and some grass and it was rocks and dirt ground all around it. The stone had ancient letters that I don’t know their meanings, but there were four total divided. The first shape was like an H, then directly next to it I can’t remember the letter, then below the H was a shape like a spiral O and it was thick and possibly small horizontal lines thru the shape, and next to that I don’t remember the letter. I believe the spiral looking shape lit up like gold. (I am noticing a pattern, God likes to use gold to enhance a meaning of something good). I think God speaks things into our spirit and even mysteries. Then they come out at the right time or eventually will be revealed. We aren’t in control, but he is.
Dream: I was in some pool and Jesus started speaking a scripture into me and I repeated it with him. I knew the scripture in my dream, but forgot when i woke what it was. I think he was speaking and teaching my spirit.
Dream: I was joining some club with my sisters and they all had navy sweatshirts on and white pants. I tried to get their attention, but they didn’t hear me so my sister went over there loudly and got their attention. The guy I told I wanted to join, looked at me like he liked me and then went to get my outfit.
Words I saw in white: Harder (strong)
Words I also saw in white another night: Trust, Best
Dream: I went through some line to get a credit card or prize discount and the guy was rude and not giving it to me, so the girl did. I got the deal and a free meal.