Vision of Jesus Watching A Man Praying


Vision 1-14-20: I saw a vision of a man with dark black short straight hair praying on his knees and behind him I saw King Jesus in his white robe walking up behind him but he had the image of heaven around him and was standing on clouds.  He had his sleeves pulled up.  I could not see his face this time or below his knees because the man was blocking half him.  The man was also cut out of the view fully and I only saw half of him.  This guy possibly had blue eyes or lighter eyes.  Jesus saw you on your knee’s and heard your prayers.

Vision: This vision I forgot to add last post, but I saw all these plants start to sprout with life and they started to grow.  First, the vision was dirt and empty plants, then I see life start to bloom in them.  It felt like God was growing my gifts in me to help his kingdom.  It felt like it was inside me.

Vision 1-14-20: I saw a rock/meteor not sure exactly, but it exploded and it seemed like it was in space.  It exploded into many tiny white pieces and even looked like white dust during the explosion.

Vision: I saw a welcome sign and then heard “Welcome”

Heard: “A reason and purpose for everything.”

Heard: “The visions he gives are over time.”

Vision: I saw a man snowboarding and he flipped in the air.

Dream: Kids got done with school faster then I expected and I was helping clean out their school items.

Dream: A hoarder girl cleaning out her closet and there were 3 cars that she had full of stuff.  She said the cars did not work anymore.  She was kinda heavyset and older.  She was trying to get rid of her clutter now.

A word God keeps repeating to me is “Time”