God Had A lot To Say


Ok, I should have been writing because Jesus has given me sooo much since last post that I am gonna try to sum it up or maybe divide it into two post. This post is just for 1-19-20 visions and words from God. I felt his annointing come over me so strong and I knoww he has a lot to give when this happens. God was speaking about the chaos in the world, divinely ordained marriages, telling us to rest, teaching and even answering my questions. Literally, most of these I am asleep and he was waking me up speaking lol Below he also showed me a vision of him. I love when he is not silent.  Sadly, I did not get all he said, but the important things I did write down.
Vision: I saw a hand picking up sand and then kinda shaking it side to side in it. Then I saw the words below.
God Said: For the Marriage To Come (Talking Ab Not only the spiritual marriages of the bride and him, but the one’s he is putting together on earth. I will write ab this more later as he has been teaching me ab this so much, It’s amazing stuff he is doing!)
God Said: Rest Upon ______ My Little Ones. I believe the line was saying work, bc he showed me working and that’s the only reason I did not fill in a word there bc a vision was given for this part.
Heard: Me To Plant Seeds (We plant his seeds for him and he does the harvesting)
Saw a glimpse of blood and felt it’s presence if that makes sense. The blood is purification it’s cleansing from Jesus blood he shed for us.
Saw a plastic covering on the ground with a dip in the middle where water was flowing up. This was cloudy water.
Heard: I went to oxford to learn about him.
Vision: Beautiful vision of a night sky and all the stars were blue.

God Answering My Questions About Business:
I was asking God about what I needed to do with my business and he would answer. I first asked, How do I make a sale? He responded, “The problem goes back to options” and then he showed me a vision of a line of icons black. Some were characters and the end had more X’s…like three. Then below this line I saw a red circle with a black X in it. Then God said, “Purchases” I then asked God where do I advertise and he gave me the answers. This was his responses…amazon, phones, a vision of the letter V in wood tones (I took that as natural video’s) bc I saw the word ‘video’s” too, I saw a woven hat and then saw, “put one on the shelf“.

Jesus Showing He Has It Planned Out:
Jesus was showing me these rows of sections for our lives that he already figured out and he takes us through training and then we come up with him higher with more understanding. There was a final slot for this after training. He wants to be with us through it beside us training us, he wants to be involved in everything. He’s given us everything we needed to complete them he showed me.

In the next dreams/visions Jesus is saying…. where is your treasure, if you found it then you will be calm in the storm and trust me and I will send help:
Vision of Jesus: At some point in these dreams below Jesus showed up I saw his full figure with white robe and red sash. It looked like he was the one stopping the storms with his movements. The red sash I believe now means he is in war mode bc I saw the vision of the armor below.
Vision: I also saw a full gold armor set hanging up and the words “Armorly
Storms and chaos dreams kept coming up after this, but I was calm in all of them while other’s were running around in fear. My joy comes from Jesus and death cannot scare me now. I know whats beyond the walls of death and he is living inside me and manifesting himself in my life to bring the kingdom of heaven here now. That is why the joy comes from the Lord.

Tornado Dream: There were firefighters helping and I was going to wash clothes while everyone else was running around scared bc of the tornado. He came and helped me figure out how to turn off the washer and told me to take cover. I found a corner for me and this girl with a baby to stay and she was freaking out so I held her baby and she had to be changed. I took her to a bathroom where another person helped me bc there was a mess on the floor and i had no diapers or wipes. People were providing all I needed and I was as calm as can be and even thought, if I die I have no fear bc it’s better then living here to be with Jesus.

Flood, Hurricane, & Fire Dream (reminded me of a hawaii type island): I was on an island that water was flooding it and it was no longer a full island. It was subdivided due to water covering it. Homes were divided on separate islands. I saw a man being washed away and he was a very strong man, but he could not keep his grip. I kept walking and the guy I was with who was a friend of a gf I knew said let’s go to the beach, but I told him bad idea. We need to go more towards land to shopping area. It’s like people are unaware of the danger in this dream. There were also fire’s everywhere and firefighters were putting out fires.
Lady with a lot of money – In this same dream there was a lady who had a lot of money but she was spending it on things like shopping bc she had no need for it, but when her boyfriend found out he was upset bc she didn’t want to help him achieve his goals. He had business idea’s, but she was frustrated she had to give him money to help him.