Visions: Busy Jesus


Visions: I was seeing so many visions of Jesus doing various things, like he was helping around the world. While I don’t remember all of them, I know in most he was working to help the people. Cleaning, fixing, restoring, and mending is what I felt from all I saw. I saw very quick visions so to tell you details is hard, but I can tell you I saw dirt or ground in one, Jesus in his white robe, and people at times. I think I had about 5-7 visions of this and most all in the same night. He just was showing he is at work I believe. I remembered them when I woke fully, so if I don’t write them right away I forgot a lot of details sadly, but these were in my deep sleep and not the waking visions. I have been seeing this in my dreams and some are so realistic, some almost 3d looking that seems kinda out of this world realistic looking. The air feels better, the feeling is better and no fears. You know how it feels when the day feels perfect outside and everything is wonderful and peaceful around you…that’s what it feels like with Jesus close.
Vision: I saw Jesus head on a glass mount and his head was like a sculpture made of blueish grayish crystal glass. His head started rotating and I believe there was a tag in front with gold title plate, but I am unsure what it read. His hair was very thick glass like parts. His head rotated to the right direction. I didn’t quite understand this vision, so if God clears it up I will write more on it.
Invention Dream: I was at a wedding and someone had invented this tube type pen that you hook up to some kind of spark plug or item that charged it and it made the liguid in this tube glow using water only(I think it was only water in this tube type pen). I ended up putting hot water in it and it became like a fire glow. It seemed like it was a kids toy or something for fun someone invented.
Had a dream about a title for a youtube video that I thought about starting to help with creating cheaper/simplified ways of making things. All my idea’s come from God, I am highly inventive and have been since very young. I started some invention books, but I never do much with them bc I get so many idea’s. I struggle with managing time and various things, so I do share some of them here. God is in me and he is sooo creative!
Dreams: I keep having dreams of my ex and his girlfriend and this time I was helping my son and protecting him from his dad. I saw the demon in my ex and he hated me. Then the girl did not want me around. It’s crazy but after this dream, my oldest moved back into the house with his dad temporarily bc I don’t have room for him here and some of the things he said confirmed why I had this dream. I believe I have these dreams through my children or others, and what they are experiencing. My prayers spiritually will help the attacks of the enemy behind the scenes.
Words I keep seeing: Harvest
Came True: I wanted to add more dreams came true. One in particular, I recently got a job working with my sister working from home. It’s a temporary position. My past dream revealed this position. It was around the same time my car broke down too…just like the dream showed.