Vision: Saw Jesus Laughing & Talking In Someone’s Home


Vision: I saw Jesus laughing and talking to someone. He was in a home standing near the entrance of a corner of a doorway where I was seeing his right side of his face and down to his shoulders. I saw him shaking his head and moving his lips talking and laughing at the same time. I felt there was more then just one person in this home, almost like a gathering or party. This is good news to see Laughing from him. (Interpretation: Joy is coming I believe.) I love to see him laughing and all he is doing 🙂

Heard: To add to this vision I heard two separate times after waking two different times a baby laughing. (Interpretation:I have had visions of the birthing in the spirit world and I believe this could mean it’s here for someone. What you have been birthing is here and it will bring joy.)

Vision: I saw an image of a lion with a chain around it’s neck and it was attacking the one who bound it. He was on the ground covering his head with a white board to protect against the lions attacks. Vision: I then saw the Lion of Judah vision directly after this with a face forward view looking at me. It was like an imprint vision. (Interpretation: Let the Lion in you stand up for what is right. Whoever is bound the Lion in you will be able to stand up to the one who bound you in chains from something)

Heard: I heard someone breathing heavy like through their nose as like sigh of relief or frustration. Not sure which tbh. Discerning…
Words I keep seeing: “Easy” (I believe this is a personal reminder that we don’t have to work for God’s promises and it will not come at anything we do but all from the Lord)