Vision: Jesus Is Always There


Vision: I saw Jesus fully from head to toe white robed with a blue sash standing tall it seemed. This was a very fast vision, and I think he just lets us know he is always there and always watching.

Heard: God responded a personal message to me for my sister who asked him a question.  He does not always respond, and he prefers his people to come to him personally. Jeremiah 33:3 “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”

Vision: This vision goes with my series of Lion and gardens visions recently that God keeps showing me, where a lioness was tearing up a garden bed. There were four wood pieces around it to form a square garden bed on the ground and it had something on top of it, but not sure what. It was in someone’s backyard.
My interpretation and An important thing to be aware of is that everything God does, satan tries to mimic it and that is why the holy spirit is needed to discern truth. Sometimes the lion represents the Lion of Judah (Revelation 5:5 Jesus as Lion of Judah) and sometimes the lion is satan seeking to devour(1 Peter 5:8- Satan as the Lion). Satan seeks to devour the seeds planted. Same as Jesus came as morning star(Rev 22:16, satan was shown to mimic that (Isaiah 4:12). When God tells us to be in full Amor of God and discern, this is why.

Vision: i saw a Jesus face imprint on my wall. I still see Jesus everywhere I look. He lets me know he is always there.
Vision: I saw my younger son like laughing at his brother or someone and then I look at his neck and see a nail in like his voicebox. I told him this interpretation and what I felt God was saying to him personally.
Dream: I was dreaming of these fasteners that hold down a car and then the next day my mom mentions she needs them for her car.
Saw: Reh-Me
Saw: “Coil” and then the next day i was watching a video I had no clue was related about a rocket stove and they mention a coil inside it can create free heated water. I didn’t even know what a coil was before this lol. I guess God wanted me to learn it for my future for some reason.

Dream: I was married to this guy who we were looking at a home together to buy and in the backyard were holes and high grass and ground. I saw so many snakes and my foot fell in one hole and I could feel a snake so I was yelling for my ex’s brother who I saw standing there for some reason to help. I was with a few people and not sure who all they were. After he pulled me out I got bit slightly by one as I was running and pulled it off. It only pinched me and did not fully bite. I remember telling the guy leading us and farther ahead to where he could not hear me, who was possibly my future husband that we need to do something about these snakes bc I think we had a daughter who was a toddler. (My interpretation is this is a spiritual meaning for myself and possibly those in my future, but it has more then one meaning I am seeing and this dream continues below…)
We then go in this car and had to find a parking spot and cops were guiding people to pull over and get into the army safety base areas. We pull over on a side walk, because there was no room. We go inside and get down on the ground to sit with the others. I see behind us a kitchen and pizza was cooked and I start to get suspicious bc half the people were gone now that they were cooking them or causing people to disappear somehow. I started to not trust the army base we were at and I am not sure what we were hiding from.

God repeated a couple things to me today….one was ‘Remnant”
The other words was ‘Marry Me” and then I see “Say yes” and then I see as I am pondering on it the words “I love U” but the love was a heart shape. Do we even pay attention or perceive these could be from him if he orders our steps and loves to show love the way our spirit perceives it? This is the third time in this sequence God has done this and it is very special to me. It’s amazing that these were on the same day every time and not the same place. I soooo love his messages of love. How beautiful of a heart he has for us. My heart feels so much joy when I see his messages of love. I want to return the favor to him. He calls me his bride 🙂