Vision: Cedar Tree’s & Warnings


Below I got more warning Dreams…please pay careful attention to them for your life or those you know.

I was hearing God speaking to me in the spirit and he was talking about how he is “Light of the world” and basically he is taking care of everything. Together with him we are also light of the world. Matthew 5:14-16

Vision: I saw wood I knew was from a tree being born like a baby(it had the birth sac just coming off it), but then it was all cut and made into man’s wood for a home. God’s been giving me a message about these Cedar tree’s in Lebanon before the vision, that he has spoken about many times in the bible. After the vision, he gave me understanding. They are a representation of his children. He planted them, they will go through drought, but they will all grow to be strong and he will care for them. There are so many messages he has shown me…Men are the one’s who cut them down or tear them apart..his house (his people). He will take these cedar tree’s to cleanse the house of the Lord. If these cedar tree’s are a representation of his leaders being destroyed, he will use their destruction to help others. The cedar tree’s are not just talking about tree’s in the bible…do you see it now? In every incident of the Cedar tree God is talking about his people who he chose to go into the wilderness, his leaders. They will be used greatly to help in the earth for cleansing it, they will be planted on his high mountain and they will bear fruit. Ezekiel 17: 22-24 KJV…Beautiful Message!

Leviticus 14:52 And he shall cleanse the house with the blood of the bird, and with the running water, and with the living bird, and with the cedar wood, and with the hyssop, and with the scarlet:

The cedar tree is a tree planted by God (Psalm 104:16, Isaiah 41:19). … The Bible describes the cedar tree as strong and durable (Isaiah 9:10), graceful and beautiful (Psalm 80:10, Ezekiel 17:23), high and tall (Amos 2:9, Ezekiel 17:22), fragrant (Song of Songs 4:11) and spreading wide (Psalm 80:10-11).

Vision: I saw a wolf coming at me with a red scarf on, but then it couldn’t bc it was attached to a rope. I knew God controlled this rope and was protection for me.

This video is the cutest video, but I was sad bc there is so much separation and misunderstandings in the body of Christ. I felt God telling me in my spirit this is how the body of Christ will be one day. All different breeds, different speech, different understandings, but they just were worry free and playing together in the snow. One day, God will bring us all together like that.

Dream: I was laying out my husbands clothes suit (it was the kind with specs in it?)on the bed. it was a gray suit. I was laying them out and I noticed when I washed his laundry there were red or pink type spots all over them. I wasn’t sure how the spots got there. He wasn’t upset with me, but I was upset that it happened.

Dream: 2-12: I was somehow trying to make money and a guy chinese or asian type showed me a neighborhood where there were 25 houses and somehow I was able to make a profit with them. He asked if I was going too and I said only if you show me how, so he took me to the first house and an old friend was there helping, but I felt uncomfortable…then it was like our children all walk out and I’m telling them all I love them, but had to tell her kids I loved them too. This was uncomfortable for various reasons I won’t go into details.

Dream: 2-13: I first dreamed I was playing the role of a mother of a son(they were both white) and it felt like she possibly had a daughter too. My focus was the son who told his mom the dad had abused him and there was something about him leaving 25 marks on him. The son was visiting his dad part time and his mom the other half. The son was upset and the mom was going to confront the dad(also white), but in this case do not confront…let someone do an investigation bc children are being threatened to be silent and it will happen again. The son was telling the truth.

Dream: 2-13: I was playing the role of a female. Two dark skinned men kidnapped me, by me thinking I could trust them at first. They locked me in a white trailor behind or beside their house and it looked like they had another white type of vehicle. The house was an older home with stones or bricks possibly two stories located in a neighborhood and felt it was close to the corner of the entrance into the street. There was a sister who was going along with it, but she started to feel guilty. I asked her for the address and she gave it, but I could not hear her….I asked her to repeat and the only thing I got was the number…It was around 1503 or 1505 for the address of the home. I am not sure if I was speaking to her spirit to get this info or if she will really try to help at some point, and I am also not sure if this is going on now or a warning for someone for the future. I did not see the men’s faces, but I remember the sister had short curly hair…bigger curls and she was heavy set with very dark skin.

Words I seen and heard in the spirit:
“Chosen”…”Just be more generous, your heart will be more challenged”….”You better be excited, bc your getting ready to leave for a while”
I saw a vision directly after this of woods or wilderness…then the sun started to come out slowly and shine from the left view.

Dream: I walked past a sign that said “It’s Here”
Dream: Dog had a puppy and I was holding it, then all of a sudden it started to prophesy and I knew it was special and it instantly turned into a baby I was holding. This baby had great prophesy and predictions from God. I knew it was my job to care for it now.

Dream: I was helping clean a home for a very rich type person. Don’t remember details of this one.
Dream: I was swimming in a lake and a creature came up to me. It was another creature I never seen before. I was scared at first, but then I realized it was curious ab me. It looked like a mini whale with a long type nose in the water. This water felt peaceful, not from here and I had another dream I never added a while ago about something similar. The water was sparkling and felt so good. Not from this world def. There are many creatures in the bible we have not seen yet, so could these be in heaven? In my dreams I am either helping them or they are curious ab me.

Dreamed my Aunt T died and around the time they were going on vacation or travelled somewhere. My Aunt L was also there and I thought is she next.

Vision: I saw a white goat or cow?? coming out of the ground. I honestly did not write this one down directly after, so I forgot which it was. It felt like a good message though. Like new life being formed and pure. White is a sign of purity and peace.