Vision: Jesus Under Rock Cliff


Vision of Jesus under a rock cliff hiding behind part of the rock under it watching me and he could have been holding it up like a pillar. He had his white robe on, but hair was down. It felt like he wanted to be closer, but I was the one distant more. I do this sometimes, when I don’t understand things going on around me or to prevent any further pain. God knows we are not perfect and this world is not easy, and he is our help to stay close from wandering off too far from him. I know I need to run towards him when things are painful, but sometimes and esp lately I just shut down in silence instead. Saw another vision of him sideways with his hood up. I believe this means he was in prayer. This walk is a walk of following and trusting and trust sometimes means letting go of things we don’t always understand or can’t see yet. God does though, he see’s and knows our path ahead. Trusting him with the unknown is our act of faith and how we can show him we love him. He knows the weight of the world can get to us at times, just whatever you do…get back up when you can and start moving again with him in the wilderness. He is the only one that can bring the sun again to shine. It’s a test to show us if we can love him without the rainbows and roses. If everything dear to you has been taken from you bc you followed the Lord, if your eyes are now open to truth and the evil around you, if you have been attacked and rejected for it, your on the right track with him. It’s easy to love the Lord when everything goes your way, but who will love and follow him if it doesn’t? Micah 3:5 KJV…Prayers for all of your hearts to stay strong.

Psalm 18:2 The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.

Several Confirmations of the Story of Jeremiah specifically Jeremiah 29:11-13…God wanted me to read and watch the story of Jeremiah and I hope this helps all those suffering and sacrificing for the Lord to understand what this walk could be for some.
This is the movie of Jeremiah:

Wanted to share also, that I woke one morning to feeling a spirit/demon of heaviness on me. I prayed and told it to leave me, and I felt it lift off me instantly. I think we are stronger spiritually when we wake in the mornings. Many times this is when I get visions or hear the Lord the strongest also.

Another time I woke hearing crickets in the spirit…I have heard this before, and it is a message to wake up spiritually. If we are more distant spiritually, God let’s us know.

Vision: I saw 4 very big bright lights shining at me. They were almost scary like alien aircraft lights…they did not feel they were from God. There was another message I got that I did not feel was from the Lord, but seeking confirmation. Test the spirits. God will confirm.

Visions: I was seeing quick visions of Jesus face throughout my dreams and visions. I also felt his spirit near me. He gives these reminders he is with me still and that has been throughout.
Vision: Parade of marching and rioting in the streets holding up signs. A guy was on another guys shoulders holding a sign.
Dream of Hell: A guy was being hung up and tortured. This guy had his hair tied in a bun to the back and had long hair. I knew this guy had done aweful things, but my heart could not take his torture. I could not shut my ears to it, but the lady sitting at a desk put a supernatural wall around us that came up from the floor to ignore suffering. There was men around him torturing him and I knew there were others they did this too. I could not ignore it even after she put up the wall. This lady felt like a leader in hell.
Dream: A young lady and her dad owned a business. I believe they were folding or making things. This lady had other incidences with abusive boyfriends and she met a guy at a gas station in what I remember was a white truck. He had a friend also that was somewhat wild. This guy turned out abusive also and you were going to marry him. The first abusive guy you had to move, and the second guy your dad caught him abusing you. This new guy is going to turn out abusive also.
Dream: There was something to do with a pageant, singing, there was a guy in charge of this families fortune and he had everyone documenting their history in file cabinets somehow. A lady also part of the family with a lot of money, started letting the money get to her head. He recognized it and she was going to be put out of the family for her actions and greed.
Dream: An ex wanted me back, but another man came that did not reject me. I did not fall for the ex. Someone broke into my house and I tricked him into leaving, my sister was there to help and there was kids there.
Dream: I saw my ex’s girlfirend is getting sicker and she was very jealous of me. Ex made a room into U of K and he only cared of material things still. The girlfriend was doing all the chores. I had to come get the rest of my things, but she was fighting me and making me uncomfortable. I said he is my ex, the father of my children so we will always be friends.
Dreams: There were two very detailed dreams confirmed the very next day about two people and one was my sister. I won’t go into details about these dreams, but the Lord revealed the truth and the dreams were both true and back to back. God confirmed them the next day.

The words “Complete” have been repeated to me a lot.