God said: Crossover The Prophets


I heard a command in the spirit from God that said: Crossover the Prophets….I believe this word goes with a past post where I heard Jesus speak and say “We must cross the river Jordan” God is getting ready to cross over some of his prophetic people for their sacrifice and suffering for him. Be ready and attentive to him in the spirit. Be obedient to his voice.

Vision Confirmation: Wanted to share that God confirmed the last vision of a friend I met was true. He told me he did have a hat and shirt exactly as the vision described. God also gave me a very detailed dream about him and I shared this with him. God continues to confirm.

God reminded me that my future husband has something to do with the word “Maintenance” or maybe he is in spiritual maintenance? Last time I saw a vision of him in a maintenance outfit going into a closet. Remember some of these are symbolism and some are what he say’s and time will confirm which.
Heard a man singing in the spirit: “Jesus My Justifier”
Heard a loud knock in the spirit. It felt like a heavier door he was knocking on this time. Jesus knocks on our spirit, will we let him in to work on us or block him bc of the pain?
Heard: 32 carat ring and then heard 22 inches
Vision: I saw a vision of a outdoor small whirlpool or hot tub with rocks on top for sitting on and it had lights in it. It looked like it was built up high with rocks on one side to make a wall for privacy. At the bottom I see a white puzzle piece. This puzzle piece has been a theme God used in my visions since elementary school.
Vision: I woke to seeing a vision of the devil’s eye, it looked like a snake eye and scared me. I was attacked that day pretty bad too. The devil tries to come steal your joy.

My Love Song to Jesus: