Vision: Jesus Red Robe & Are You Ready?


Words: I saw the words “Are You Ready?” These words mean something different to all of us, depending what season your in. Let God show you what he is preparing you for, and will you be ready for it? One thing for sure, he is preparing anyone willing to walk in his will for our lives. Part of that prepping is learning to surrender to him, and that can take some time for some of us. God is raising us to be like Jesus, and that is a process that takes full surrender. Surrender is love and trust to him.

Vision: I saw a vision of Jesus with a really deep red robe with long sleeves on. It was open in the front and his white robe was underneath. He was holding my hand, but I was a young child and looking up at him with our hands kind of stretched out holding each other’s hand. He was looking down at me smiling. 🙂 The red is a meaning of his blood covering our sins/mistakes and I feel it was a symbol of royalty the way he wore it. He looked like a King and a father and a Savior. I love that he likes to show me different displays of himself. I never thought in a million years, God would do that. I used to see him as this strict distant spiritual creature who likes to discipline mostly. Now that I met him and see his personality, I see he is like us in so many ways and while yes he does train/teach/correct us. He is also very loving and gentle and does it for OUR good, that we can’t understand yet, but some day he said we will know why. It brought me closer to him. It always gives me a smile to see him. This is how he thinks about you too. He is smiling on you like a proud father, a proud King and a proud savior. He knows your mistakes and still loves you. Still wants to hold your hand and walk with you. Still died for you because he was thinking about you!

This walk does not get easier in any way, but when Jesus comes, nothing that happened mattered as much because he came and he still loves me. He will still come for you! I know Jesus chooses to show some of us more visions or speaking, but that does not dismiss how he speaks in different ways. You just have to pay attention, because visions are not the only way he speaks to us. I see his face everywhere and I am not looking for it…in tree’s, on concrete, on food, or I will get a message about the exact thing I was just asking God about. Sometimes you may get those extreme peace feelings inside and know it’s from God. God knows what we all need and when. I think the more we press into him or use our gifts, or want to follow his will over our own…he promises to show up! Especially, in the spirit. He is a spirit and gave us gifts of the spirit, what you gonna do with that gift? Why not give back to him as a gift to him?

Some of you want to give up, because it can get so bad walking beside him depending the season your in.. I get that too. Trust me! I just try to keep myself aware this life is temporary and I see what is ahead. That’s our goal. I’m at a point now where I feel more alone, and that is ok with me now. I know who is beside me and I know why I had to walk primarily alone for this season of my life. It’s ok, I know what is beyond and who will be there waiting. 🙂 Have you met the Jesus that comes to me yet? Why not ask him? He waits for you….

Dream: I was helping a mother of 3 very young kids and teaching her how to raise them.
Song I heard this past week that woke me: “I wouldn’t have nothing if I didn’t have you.”
Heard another very loud whistle in the spirit that woke me. I know it’s God trying to wake me to write down the things he gives me lol
Words: I have kept seeing these exact words of “For You” or “Just For You” so much the past two weeks, that I had to add them to this post to document, because they jump out at my spirit.