Vision: Jesus Taking The Drivers Seat


All this below to the dashed lines go together I believe when I asked God for help in giving a message I got for someone. I think I often let my heart get too involved in what God is doing and I take over more, and he is teaching me I need to back up and let him drive. It’s something I am still learning, but also people don’t understand how God uses me so it makes it harder. I’m also a now girl, and patience is not my strong suit…but then God answered my prayer in his grace….

Vision: I saw a vision of Jesus driving and two ppl in the back seat. I knew the meaning was he was taking over, because I asked him too.

Vision: I then saw a view of the bottom of a fancy stone pillar and my eyes went all the way to the top, which was very high up. I saw a stone seat at the top and I was sitting on it and I look over and see a beautiful sunshine bright. Then I see God’s hand and it looked very big. He was showing his palm and his fingers started to slowly close. I knew and felt God saying he has me in his palms and also confirming that seat was my call as a watchman. I’m seated high to see far and I get to see God in that seat in my calling. I told God my calling is a hard calling, I am starting to see that. Maybe I make it harder, bc I put my heart too much into it. I think prophets put their whole heart into what God shows us and we can sometimes get in the way of God because of it. I asked God to help me give a message and then he showed me all this and the one of Jesus in the drivers seat.
Heard after this vision….”You have an advantage” I took this as, I get to see what other’s may not be able too to help the kingdom. My heart is for kingdom growth, same as God’s.

In these dreams I was trying to help in the spirit etc…..
Dream: I had a very detailed dream about a man and his ex and his daughter. One part of the dream was repetitive. He was a business man and I also saw him as a representation as an arabic King. I won’t share the details of the rest of the dream unless he tells me it’s ok.
Dream 2 & 3 – I took off because I felt I should not share them.
This is the same man I saw the vision of him in a straw type hat and long john shirt and he confirmed that was true. I then had another dream about him that I shared before. I seem to have a lot more dreams about him and I wonder if it’s because of his spiritual gifts and bc God was trying to get his attention in an area he needed to focus on for growth.  We have an opportunity to grow in suffering, if we focus on the right things. Suffering is an opportunity to grow not only closer to God but our gifts can grow greatly.
Heard: I woke one morning to hearing the word: Tribunate
Heard: Jesus….If you don’t follow his ways, God will step in
Vision: I saw a very cute white rabbit rolling around in grass, and it had black spots around it. It was very furry. I saw it had a baby next to it and it was happy.
Saw: “Jesus – Spirit of You”
Heard: A man said “A Date Command”
Vision: I saw a backyard patio area with a sidewalk curvy, and saw a bunch of pebble rocks in the landscaped part. It had some objects of stone around it and one was a fancy looking bowl decor tilted sideways and a little under ground. With this vision I heard “Mary”
Vision: I was changing a baby boy who had a wet diaper. It was left on too long. In another vision I was helping this baby boy learn to eat better, but people were interfering. I believe this is all spiritually symbolic.
Dream: I attended a funeral. I don’t remember the details of this dream.
Dream: I cast out a demon, a man with a baby, and then my uncle saw and wanted my help.