Jesus Healed Me With A Song


I am amazed! I had this knot in my back for so long and everytime I moved or sit I felt it and it was uncomfortable. I was singing this song to Jesus with tears and he healed my back. i felt this strange tingling and the knot went away instantly and now when I move it’s gone! Wow, I keep moving my back to check to make sure it’s gone and it is!!! I knew it was the Lord doing it. I felt this feeling one other time when he healed my knee, so I knew the tingling was his way to heal. That time I was also singing to the Lord. Thank you Lord! I am smiling.

The song I was singing:

Visions Of Jesus: I see Jesus in his white robe and in a picture frame with his hood up on my desk.
Then I am dreaming of Jesus first wrestling with a girl but he was being gentle about it. I assumed this was a girl he was trying to show his love and she was rejecting him. Our flesh wrestles against him, but our spirit is willing Matthew 26:41. Then I asked him why he does not show his real eyes and he told me too avoid being hurt by us. The more he see’s of our flesh, the more pain he endures, so he see’s us through our spirit. He see’s through our spirit and that is how he is able to love us so much deeper also. I realize since he is love he feels pain from rejection of his people. If you seek him full heartily though, he will reveal a lot to you and will show you how real he is bc he can trust you with it. God is all about trust! If you don’t believe me, just see the pattern in his word!

Vision: i see a coffee cup that say’s “The Truth Goes Viral”
Saw the word move on a dark gray background and then I wake and I am working in this program and notice that same word in that same position and font the way I saw it in my dream. So crazy I see things ahead of time.
Dreams: I did not write them down this time, but I was involved in a school a few times I remember.