The Lord Is Writing Your Love Story!


First, to the one’s who do not know…God loves to write your love story if you let him. I have known he has been planning mine since I was 18 years old when he first showed me a vision in a dream of a man and woman being drawn in the sky and I knew it was God drawing them and I knew the meaning even then, but I fell into the world and God is giving me a second chance at it. He wants to give us all a chance to wait on him and trust him for his best, he knows our needs more then we do or why else is there so many divorces?

To the waiting! Since God has been revealing more about these Kingdom marriages coming, I feel led to encourage others in waiting. This is also a reminder/encouragement to myself all God has spoken to me and taught me. God has been teaching me so much about his Kingdom marriages and how important they are to him. Guard your heart till the Lord say’s they are the one. It will come with confirmation and peace! You will not and should not force it…God get’s the glory! Try not to let your own understanding get in the way. Trust him! Here are just some things you can expect from a Kingdom spouse (one put together by the Lord). You know who you are bc the Lord has been talking to you about this or he led you to this article. These couples are being prepared by the Lord ahead of time to meet one another.

Here are just some of the fruits to look for in your Kingdom spouse (when it’s in the Lord’s timing):

-They will be drawn to you and pursue or not give up on you.  You won’t have to chase what is from the Lord!
-They will be drawn to your spirit and way of thinking. We are set apart for a purpose of Kingdom marriage so we keep our mind on the things above for a kingdom purpose!
-They will help grow your gifts and encourage you. You were given gifts by the Lord and your spouse will enhance those gifts in some way and ignite your gifts even.
-They will never want to play games or keep you as an option.
-They will not focus on your negatives, but your positives more. They will see you how Jesus see’s you with his heart.
-They will want to go to the Lord for confirmation and their mind will also always be on his desires first.
-They will not compromise you and will encourage you to stay pure. The Lord has already placed these expectations on their heart to desire to stay pure for their spouse once he comes in and start’s moving in their lives.
-You will sharpen each other to grow towards the Lord and not fleshly or carnal minded things. God gradually took my mind out of the world’s way of thinking into the Kingdom way of thinking (his ways). It’s our job to stay focused!
-God would have taught them compassion and understanding for the broken. If they do not have this compassion for broken people, they are not like Jesus yet nor prepared.
-They will understand we fight not against flesh..This is why we pray for one another whether you do know who it is or don’t….pray when led too….Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
-They will be in waiting just like you bc the Lord told them to be ready and prepared also. I have seen where the Lord prepared a man/woman right after they met the spouse. I never put God in a box, I have seen him do this other ways as well, but most of them were in waiting.
-You will not choose him/her by the way you used to choose with your fleshly eyes, but with your spirit way of thinking. The Lord will be bringing the wife to the husband as he did others in the bible and he will recognize her with his spiritual eyes and not fleshly eyes. The veil will be lifted off his eyes to see –if he is ready. Jesus has also been teaching me about this unveiling.  Remember, Adam had to be woken up first before he could see Eve as a suitable choice.
-You both would have went through suffering (the visions of sackcloth with hearts) to be prepared and humbled for this marriage. You will understand and relate to each other’s suffering. They will see through your brokenness as a blessing that you wore your sackcloth to honor the Lord. You waited on the Lord! That is a rare jewel or a diamond to the Lord! He loves it when we wait on him and not go after desires like the world does.
-Finally, They will recognize Jesus in you and his heart.  You will be able to trust them.

Don’t be discouraged if someone is not working out, it’s not time or it’s not them. Trust me I know how satan will tempt and frustrate you, but the wait will be worth it in the end. Wait on the Lord! Together you will both be an example by the Lord’s hand for others for a greater purpose. These Kingdom marriages are very close to Jesus heart and very important to him bc of the fact they will help many and Jesus will get the glory for doing it. They will be setting a foundation for future generations as Jesus keeps telling me. A foundation put together by Jesus himself. ((This is why it’s so important for the right one bc it’s sooo important to Jesus!!!)) An angel told me one time when I said, “God what if I fail this plan of yours”…the angel came the next morning and said…”His plans never fail!” I pray this is a blessing and encouragement to all those in waiting for their Kingdom spouse. Be led by the spirit and not your feelings…blessings!

Psalms 27:14 – Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, i say, on the LORD.