Jesus said…”My Love…”


I woke hearing Jesus say “How are you My Love”…”I love you My love.” His voice was so much clearer and gentle with so much love in it. He has been telling me he loves me a lot lately on little messages I would see jump out at my spirit. This was at a time I started feeling distant from him from so much going on in my life. He knows when we need to hear his love and when I go through so much, Jesus is always there to remind me how big his heart is for us. People misunderstand me more then ever since I came to Jesus, and they don’t know my true heart and intentions are to follow Jesus in this world fully. I am not perfect, but that is my desire and I sacrificed for him and put myself in uncomfortable situations for him. I want to make him happy, the same as I will the husband he said he is sending me…I give those I love…my full heart.  Jesus does the same! Jesus took my sadness away with these simple words and put a big happy smile on my face. He truly does take over the roll of what you lost in life. He desires this for all his children, to be this close. You just need to be more in tune with the spirit and he will walk with you through the whole process teaching you how as he did me.

Song of Solomon 2: 10 My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.

Vision: I saw Jesus this time with a royal red cape on with a gold trim design. I did not see if he had his white robe on under it, because I only saw the red cape.
Vision: I saw a man positioning a counter top and he needed measurements he said within 20 minutes.
Saw: I saw white words that were from God that said….Try Trust…this was before he told me he loved me. I was struggling with trust in certain area’s.
Heard a man say “I’m getting married”
Heard: 2 months on 10-10-20
Dream: I was at a grocery and felt a mess, so was asking God not to let any friends show up, then 6 different friends back to back show up. It was a message that I understood to mean, God may not always make it easy, but he will get us through.
Vision: I saw two white chess pieces on a gray pillow on a window bed. It felt like a fancy hotel or temporary vacation type place. It was very clean.
Vision: I ended up telling someone I had seen at a past church I visited a vision I had of them.  I was planning on going to the church the next day and God showed me the vision prior. I felt this was a vision I should tell, but God is not always clear with me on that. It’s almost like he watches to see if I am obedient to deliver it. When I tell people visions in person, it’s a whole new ball game. It is very scary lol. God knows my intentions are pure hearted and for him, but people don’t always trust me and this is some of my sadness bc I can sense people’s spirit and how they feel sometimes. I think it comes down too, none of us are perfect and we prophesy in part, so he get’s the glory and we are humbled as well as blessed by that.

John 3:11 “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, We speak that we do know, and testify that we have seen; and ye receive not our witness.