Visions of Jesus & Newborns


Always pray and seek confirmation if you think the Lord is speaking to you with any of these messages.

Visions: I was seeing Jesus face close sideways and he had his wavy hair down. He was looking out of the side of his eye at me but his face was sideways. Then I saw various visions of him in movement. It was like he was saying he’s on the move and follow him. Saw another vision of Jesus inside me. I also saw him in another one walking away with his hood up. Another day I saw a vision of him sideways also, with a blue or navy sash on. I also saw another vision of his mouth open again like he was surprised. This one has me curious, but I know the meaning is we will be surprised by his goodness at some point. Surprised at what he has been secretly doing for those who love him…9 But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. 1 Corinthians 2:9
First Heard: Marry me, miss me, then I heard the word laughter (I felt it meant laughter’s coming)….then saw in white words directly after this I see “miss you”
Vision: I saw this vision days prior to the one below, but somehow I think it matches. I saw on a banner “Something new” with baby blue words.
Visions: I was seeing a couple visions of newborn baby boys. First, I saw one craddled in a woven baby blue and white blanket in a basket or rounded wicker basket it seemed like. The baby had a baby blue cap on and baby blue and white shirt and bottoms. The whole scene was color coordinated. He was sleeping and content. The second vision had a white cap and white t-shirt with a diaper. Like he was just born and someone was holding him up. I am not sure if this was the same baby.
Vision: I saw this wine looking shaped bottle, but it was fruit and non alcoholic with a ribbon wrapped around it and the ribbon was being undone. It felt like a celebration vision of some kind.
Vision: In another vision I was giving a young toddler boy a shower. It was like he was my son at first, but then he resembled my nephew.
Vision: I saw someone drinking from a wood cup shaped like an old milk bottle. It looked like something I have never seen before but was nice.
Heard: Go get your land
Visions: I was seeing dogs at my home and they were being multiplied into many breeds. Then some of them got out. At this house I saw a man who was like a neighbor with white striped pants. Like pajama pants. He was standing and hiding in my bushes, but I caught him. I only saw his legs.
Saw: AHT
Heard: Look not to recycled Italy (possibly for someone thinking ab returning to italy)
Heard: He is not better then you
Dream: Missionary and daughter living out far where can’t get wheat cereal(his daughters favorite), so he found wheat for his daughter through natural resources around him and put it in milk to surprise her. (This dream was amazing to me, because God has been teaching me how to make things with little or natural resources)
Dream: I dreamed of a man who somehow I knew. He owned a warehouse and selling real estate, but not sure if this was the same business. In the warehouse was products. I was in my car very tired and he came to talk to me and try to convince me he was the one and I was not buying it at first that he was from God until he started telling me his story, then I wanted confirmation from God. He left for a while and came back. I don’t remember his face clear enough, but he had short dark hair.
Dream: Retired man who was bald teaching the wrong philosophy to his students about science history to ppl against God. A girl was also. It felt like a museum type location.
Dream: 2-story house with guy coming out but he was just a friend and he was in trouble by cops. His sister came attacking me, but I told her I didn’t think about him like that. There was a swimming pool and they were both mixed.
Dream: I was dreaming of being in a high school where it was in a single school house outside and a gated area for recreation. All the teachers had separate buildings and was somewhat independent teachers. The area was a poor area. The kids were wild and the teacher had them well managed despite. It felt like a future event, that schools would be harder to attend in some way.

I love to write about everything God shows me. The visions I see of Jesus keep coming and I thought surely they would end at one point. If I am tired, if I am happy and content, if I am frustrated, if I am sad. God keeps speaking and I can’t share enough how much I love that he actually opens up to us. I don’t know your calling in life, but I do know this is currently mine. It’s really hard to judge other’s walk, when you know God does a new thing with each of us and with our callings. We don’t know what season other’s could be in or why. We don’t know who will be God’s in the end, but God does. You may be sitting here reading this seed God planted in you right now saying “I will never believe in God”, but guess what your spirit and God knows if you will 10 years down the road finally belong to him. There is an appointed time for everything.
He’s been teaching me about his will too lately. Soooo many people say we have free will, but I hear God saying “Correction” lol… Have you really paid attention to Jesus’ life and his words to say that? Not my will, but yours be done. Who are my father mother brother etc….but those that do the will of the father….Just pay attention to our role model Jesus to know we give our life over to God to follow his will as an act of love and trust. The more you surrender, the more God shows up. The more he amazes you. The more you feel and see how much he loves you and yes the more you will be attacked for it too. God protects his people though. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him from them all. Psalm 34:19 I hope in all these post to lift, encourage and help those that are struggling or just want to get closer to God. To help all those who do not know God speaks, for them to see the truth. These are the desires God put in my heart. The more I draw near to God, the more he draws near to me. Isn’t he more precious then jewels, if he is the creator of them and yet still loves and wanted you?