God Sent 3 Supernatural Love Story Video’s


God sent over the past three days three supernatural love story videos and they were confirmation of my last vision of Jesus in the clouds writing and now I know he meant let him write my love story, because I tried to take it in my own hands yet again and this has been his will for me since he first spoke of the strong man and said “I am sending you a strong man.” He wants to get the message across that he can give you a perfect love story if you let him. These video’s that God keeps sending are proof he wants to be in charge of who you marry, because while you can go out and choose your own spouse, how much more special would it be to know God has his hands in it and planned it all for you so perfectly. What God has is “The Best” as he keeps telling me. You can trust him, because he knows what you need more then you do and all the stories on my site are proof of that. If you type in the bottom of Godspeaksnow.com “supernatural love story” you will see many videos’ he sent me throughout this whole process of me waiting on this “Strong Man.” In all these video’s God spoke and orchestrated these marriages with confirmations.

Video 1 –

Video 2 –

Video 3 –