Gems and Coins from God

Dream of Gems and Coins from God: I had a dream that I was finding Gems in my room from God and I was finding them on my bed and my floor. I heard a voice from Jesus saying, “Do not forsake me” in the middle of collecting them in a bag. It went into another dream where I saw robbers trying to steel coins and I remember thinking if they only knew God can give them what they need. Somehow I ended up back in that room and while my sister was laying in the bed next to me, I asked God for some coins, and a few fell from the ceiling. I told my sister to get the coins I just asked from God and she was shocked to see them on the floor. I heard a second voice from God saying, Have I not provided for David?” Then more coins fell from the ceiling.
A Touch from Jesus To Calm My Storm: This whole day I felt I was being attacked by satan. I did not want to get out of bed. I felt frustrated with God over my situation and I could not control my feelings. At the end of the day I finally felt a hand touch my forehead and I instantly thought it was Jesus calming my storm. Everything was better after that.