Jesus Experiences

I wanted to take the time to write on more experiences I am having with God lately. See I felt this pull to stop going to my normal christian church several weeks ago and I was confused since I went my whole life, but God was bringing me on another journey lately. I never believe in speaking in tongues or never knew that the Baptism of the Holy Spirit was sepearate from water baptism. These are just some of the things God was leading me to understand, once I asked him for the truth. Since I asked this and started to believe in what he was teaching me and learning how to yield, I have been experiencing things, having dreams, and feeling Jesus’ presence. I often feel something touching me and when I ask for the holy spirit to come upon me I can actually feel like static or electricity type feelings on the top of my head. I can feel the holy spirit some times like I never have before. I have actually felt Jesus’ warm touch on my chest before also. I have been going through another battle with Satan where my husband doesn’t want to have anything to do with me and he sleeps in another room. He left me 3 years prior to this and actually got to the point of signing divorce papers, but I never did and felt God tell me to go home. I changed completely to be like Jesus in order to win him back with unconditional love. However, he never felt bad for all the things he did and he only loved me with conditions. I was desperate and I just wanted my family back, so I let it go. He never really showed any improvement in the area of fearing God, so something told me it was not done. Now a year later after being back together he is doing the same cycle of reject. Not talking to me or interacting with me and say’s he is done. At first I got real depressed like last time (I cried almost everyday for 2 years), but then I said this time I am giving it all to God. It has been one experience after another, but a spiritual battle as well. I am noticing Satan trying to hurt me more now. Like yesterday, he got me down all day thinking the worst things about God. I am thankful today I am back to normal.