Jesus Coming Back to Judge

Dream: I had a dream that I was driving down the road and all of a sudden telephone poles started falling down. Then destruction came all over the earth. I somehow ended up back in my room and looked out the window and saw half the world turned upside down, where the cities were below and on top was Jesus and his army in rows of seven filling up the whole other half of the earth. Jesus was on a brown horse, and he had on a brown and multicolored robe. He had brown skin this time and a multicolored beard. He was waiting to judge the world. On both sides next to him was a white army in rows of seven. I can’t remember real clearly but I believe it was angels on white horses and I felt other animals. Jesus did not look at me, he just looked straight as if he was serious, but I instantly got excited and wanted to run out to see him, but then I closed the curtain really fast because I was scared I wasn’t ready. I looked out of the other curtain to see the army and it stretched very long. I started going through things in my room and got rid of anything I thought Jesus would not approve of. Then all the people ended up in a hotel and it was like it was personalized for us as a waiting place to be judged. We each got our own room. Everyone started going down in confusion as to where they were and I remember looking for my husband and someone told me he was in room 2000 something, while I was in room 200 something. It was really weird, but that was all I remember.