Jesus Sealed Me & Miracle


I was talking to my prophetic friend last night telling him I was a bit confused about this bride thing and how do I know if I am sealed or if I passed bc it say’s some their oil was not in lamp. He tried to tell me with all the messages from Jesus I am his. I was still questioning if I was and this morning I woke with Jesus answering that very thing. The vision was him in a workshop type room sitting at a desk and it was all like sepia tones. He was using some kind of ring stamp sealer with gold color for letters and he had a letter or marriage certificate for me that he sealed. Wow, he really is confirming I am his bride. I need to learn more about what that means, but it is so special to me he loves me and wants me. I love him!
He also gave Abram a sign or seal so I just realized:

Miracle: My car broke down this past week and I had to go to work, but I got so upset bc I just started this job and didn’t know what to do. My mom had to go to work too 3rd shift and I work 2nd. I was so upset mostly bc I have no guys in our family who can help with car problems and thought I am just gonna have to take off work. She had some guy coming to fix our furnace from a well known company. She ended up telling him about the situation and he took a look at it for FREE and got it working on his work time. I have no clue how bc I tried a few times and nothing. I didn’t need a man, I got a good one in Jesus and he sent the best help 😉