Jesus Shed Blood

Dream: Jesus head with thorns on him was revealed over a cup with dirty water where it was like he was dying and blood was being shed in the cup with dirty water from him. Prior to this dream saw a cross turned on it’s side like white metal looking. Matthew 26:27 is scripture reference. It shows Jesus shed his blood for our dirty (water)sins to wash them clean for us.
I also dreamed of some words CB mentioned to me the day prior. He said he is at stage 1 of wanting a wife and stage 2 is where he would consider marrying her. We were contemplating if he has a wife coming or is all these clues meaning it is me eventually. I thought nothing of this stage 2 and then dreamed that night I saw a contract which was filled out with information and I looked at the title of the contract and it was called “stage 2.” So, I again was like is this for a wife to come or me God, but in my dream remember thinking “oh my.” I took a nap after this and saw words being formed of “God will clear clues.” So, eventually God is gonna bring this all together for us both. If CB has a wife coming or I am supposed to be his wife. Either way, we are trusting him to do his will and he knows best.