God Said Numbers 22 & Judges 16

Symbol- I saw a symbol of a heart with the top half still empty and the bottom was being built up with big bricks that looked like puzzle images on them. He rebuilds our hearts.
God gave me two scriptures last night. One was numbers 22 and other was judges 16. He mentioned in prior post that I should outline them, so as per his request I am sending you to websites to read outlines of these two books. Then if you go back and read scriptures, it will help you understand more and can allow God to speak to you personally as you read. This is what he likes to do and so amazing he showed me to do this to make it easier for understanding.
Numbers 22 (King Balak and Balaam) Outlined: https://www.shmoop.com/book-of-numbers/chapter-22-summary.html
Judges 16 (Strong Man Samson) Outlined: https://www.shmoop.com/book-of-judges/chapter-16-summary.html
Words I heard: Sits by the King (Many scriptures about sitting at Jesus feet: https://bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/Sitting-At-The-Feet)
I was seeing butterflies a lot today, and I picked up a coke with the name Micah on it. First, I was drawing a blank to the name, then I remembered it was a book in bible. God orders the steps of the righteous… So here is the outline of Micah.
Book of Micah Outlined: http://www.biblestudystart.com/outlines/micah.html