Vision: The Ripples In Jesus Robe


Vision: I saw Jesus standing with a front view and his long white robe had a lot of wrinkles or ripples this time. I think the background was he was standing on rocks. There were a lot of deep ripples in his robe. I feel this has some significance to the ripples or waves of adversity that come over our lives or that he allows to make us more like him or to draw us closer to him. I was actually just talking to a friend about how bad the world is, and we first seek to point the blame at God, but I have witnessed since being closer to him that he is the only one truly trying to help me. He is the only one standing by me despite my flaws. He always gives me messages of hope, but I fight my own battles in my mind of defeat. I say to myself I am unlovable, but God tells me he loves me. I say I can’t do it, and God say’s I will be your strength. Just bc we can’t always understand or see what he is doing, doesn’t mean he is not working things out for our mistakes and trying to help us. He has limits according to his own promise. He can’t interfere with free will unless we ask and he laid out all instructions for us for all our troubles in this world despite that, yet we ignore truth. I know not all get to see him like I do now or hear him like this, but i try to tell people he taught me how. I can help anyone learn to get this close, but I found most don’t truly want this walk.

John 1:4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men. 5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

Heard: “A teacher receives extra help from the Lord.” Those doing work for him and his will, I believe he is saying will get the extra help they need from him.

Vision: A man on a window seal with curly brown hair pulled back in a bun. Possibly blue eyes and white t-shirt skinny.

Dreams: Of Being Together With A Past Guy and we liked each other but it didn’t seem to work out bc he was very stubborn with things. We were highly attracted and I wanted to be with him but I couldn’t. Had another dream of me and him together, but don’t remember that one fully.

Dream: Dreams of mom’s funeral and one vision of her obituary. Praying this is just a spiritual meaning of dying to oneself or dying to your flesh.

Dream: A famous white football player died, but people didn’t care as much as they did with Colby. I can’t remember who this guy was.

Dream: I was in some museum play area where they were having a beauty pageant. I was supposed to be in it but I was not prepared. I hear them talk ab scripture about a car and providing they showed in something a girl was reading and I asked this girl if I could see it and she said no. I said to her, it’s not your word to not share, but God’s word. Another girl was agreeing with me that she should share God’s words.

Dream: I was dreaming of getting a lot of orders with 200 quantities in them in checkout and there were 920 orders totals. These were a lot of international orders and it seemed I made a mistake and ppl were taking advantage of it.