God Confirms – Targeted Bomb


This entry is more to share God revealing someone to me ahead of time again. I got the name of Michael and his age of 28 years old three days before he came in my last post. I knew this man was the one God spoke about after he mentioned his age and I asked him if his name was Michael and he said, “Yes, how did you know?” I was laughing and I said God showed me. I meet a lot of people, but why does God choose only specific ones? I think the answer is clear, they will believe him or it is something that eventually will open their eyes! One person, God was showing me things left and right and they were all true I found out, but this person always said it was a coincidence. God knows who will believe him and who won’t, but the seed was planted for both.  Update: I was wrong this man did not believe and that is why God showed him proof.  I predicted him coming 3 days ahead and he still said I had no proof.  Why would God show people that will not believe or care to see the words I reveal from him?  They have not walked in my shoes nor even understand the truth he showed me, yet they judge without even knowing prophecy or hearing from the Lord.  I know how Jesus felt.  People have already made up their minds what they believe without searching out the truth.   I got this guys name and age 3 days ahead, yet he said I do not believe??  Even showing proof meant nothing to him.  What was exciting to me, is now baffling me. This guys intentions God did reveal and this is when truth came out that he had intentions for one thing with me and it was not ab my prophecy and the fact he attacked me after denying him of any fleshly desires…revealed a lot. Prophecy was fulfilled and truth ab him was revealed!  I have to remember though the seed was still planted and God is in control despite what they say.

Matthew 10:14 King James Version (KJV) 14 And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.

Also, concerning the bomb target I spoke about in my last post (read last post for details)….I heard in my spirit the next night…”The bomb is coming completely off shore” and I saw a vision after this of a weird small black boat in the water. This boat had a black top on it and appeared to be black metal of some kind. I know this is a future event, but I haven’t been given any more information as to when.  Wow, I found a boat it looked very similar too.  It had a pointy tip also just like this…  See this video—>https://youtu.be/IOH4alBg_ZA

Vision: I saw a man with a white t-shirt on and gray shorts and he had short dark hair. His arm was in a white cast bc it was broke or sprang. He was laughing with friends and a golden retriever was with them. It looked like he was leaning against a white building.