Vision: Jesus was Carrying Me


2/22/2020 Visions and Words
Vision: I saw Jesus carrying me in his arms. I knew he was and told my friend this yesterday, so this was confirmation. Satan has continuously made me a target and I went through some pretty severe heart break again. I felt hopeless and did not want to get out of bed. Yesterday after this attack, I actually felt stronger so I know it had to be him carrying me. I laid this to rest at Jesus feet and I know it is something I cannot handle alone. His vision was beautiful. We can’t feel him carrying us, but if you have any strength at all, if you can even get out of bed it is his strength helping. Give it to Jesus!

I heard in the spirit- Bomb targets Sophia or Sofia (not sure which way it was spelled), Sophia will be separated. Rodin mentioned the word “Sophia” means wisdom, so time will reveal this truth. Heard this 2/22/2020
Vision: I saw a large human size chess board and I was on one side and a soldier with a sword and dark attire was on the opposite end and he was coming towards me quickly like to get me. I am not sure if this person is on my side or against me. I assume I was the white chess and he was the dark, so prob against me.
Vision: I saw a newspaper and then the words pop out of 7x in white letters. They jumped out of the newspaper and I think this was I will get my gifts 7x stronger. The newspaper could represent things of the news.
Vision: I saw a few dark skinned people, two females and one male at a party and they were cutting what seemed to be a white wedding cake.

2/21/2020 Visions and Words
Heard: You will not go back if you are like me (I understood this for my own message, but also his people too. He is saying to not go back to your old ways keep moving forward with Jesus if we are like him)
Vision: I saw a bulldozer and it had lights on it
Vision: I saw a night beach sky and I saw two fireworks shoot out.
Vision: I saw a pink suede glove on a womans arm and it went up to her elbow. It looked like it was driving or in a car.
Vision: I saw a closed skype name and the next day this happened. Travis brother closed his skype account.
Heard: Michael…Elk…then I saw 28 years old
Heard: Fastest Way (Also a personal message for me)