Vision: Jesus Watering His Seeds


Vision: I saw Jesus with a watering can for a garden and he was watering his seeds in the same garden I saw a few post back. There will be growth coming to his people and our land for all that was stolen. He came to give us his living water and new life.

Heard: “God it’s in Toronto” (Unclear what is in Toronto, but I heard a voice say this and not sure if it’s related to the virus now or something else coming)

Another Supernatural Marriage Story Came True:
I love that God sends me these stories for encouragement. It has not been easy to wait sometimes. You can continue to see the patterns of God in all these supernatural marriage videos he sent me. There are two parts bc a squirrel was being extra clingy lol, so make sure you watch both. She has other video’s that shows God speaking about her husband before he came.

Side Note: I don’t write this stuff for the fun of it. God is really speaking and warning. Most of the words God gives me are messages of hope and warnings for things that have not happened yet…things to come! I give what he shows me and says. I don’t always know the full meanings until it happens. God sometimes uses symbolism in his messages. A color may mean something, or a word may mean something else for example. Flooding could be flooded with a sickness and not a true flood for example. The longer you read his messages, the more you will see how he speaks also. I am learning his lingo after so many messages, but he has made it known to me that I have to reveal it. Time will reveal what he conceals. It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter. Proverbs 25:2