Vision: Jesus Showed Me Roots


Vision: The very next night after I saw the last post about Jesus watering his garden, I see a vision of him holding the plant that was grown a bit and I see the dirt and roots. It was not that big yet, but I saw green leaves. It was a seedling plant. It was laying flat in his right hand only, with his fingers were facing upward. Jesus’ garden is growing 🙂

Vision: I saw the word “Jesus” and then after that I saw a vision of Jesus in full figure standing with his pure white robe on staring at me. He did not have his hood up and I did not see any expression on his face, just like he was letting me know he was there. He wasn’t fully facing me with his body, but his face was fully faced at me. He was not too close this time.

Dream: I saw this guy maybe 30’s working outside for a furniture place and people gathered around. I saw a big sign saying something about furniture sales. He was trying to gather the people and offering free alcohol to them and I could tell he did not like his job. He went in the underground garage looking location to get the alcohol for them on a push cart. I followed him and somehow got stuck down there and could not find my way out and some girl came to help me. I believe I was just watching as a watchmen does, so I was only observing.
Dream: I am at this home where a guy is babysitting a child and the house caves in and he started asking for my help. I see these brown wood beams falling down and then the house starts to fall down. I couldn’t do anything, so maybe I was only watching/observing again.
Repeated Yesterday: “Don’t miss it” and today the word “Beyond”