Many Dreams Of Violent Men – God Has A Message


Vision: I saw Jesus sitting in his white robe on a bench facing away, but his head was turned slightly towards me. If I am honest and fully transparent, there are times I become frustrated and God knows and shows me he is aware, or if he is not happy with my behavior towards him. This has been something he does to show it makes him sad, but he is still there. I could feel his emotion of wishing I could understand why a situation happens at times and I could still feel his love. it’s a real relationship just as he had with his disciples or others. He shows up and he knows how to win our hearts! I gave him my heart and I will never regret that to a God that died to keep me. He never responded out of frustration or anger, he was patiently waiting for me. This in return makes me respect and love him all the more. He is teaching me by example how to love and be loved. The way some of us grow up learning to love, is not his way.
Visions: Throughout this struggle with God he was also showing me visions to show he was aware….i saw “Struggle” on a paint can like two different times.
Vision: I saw a vision for my brother also, where there was lots of dark bottles in a tub type thing. They were black bottles, but felt like spices or medicine. I felt this was him drowning in something in life or overwhelmed as the meaning.
Vision: I saw in an email “Dismissed” three times and I knew this was for an email I sent someone. I think God was showing me they dismissed the email or never read it.
Dream: I was dreaming of a small boy still in diapers. He had a beautiful spirit, but his dad was very hard on him even at a young age. Everytime he went to the bathroom in his pants he would smack him. I felt the child’s beautiful spirit being affected and possibly having a long-term negative affect on him. The guy wanted me to take over him as like child care. I was teaching the father how God wants us to respond and in thsi dream God was showing me his ways. I told the man that God does not approve of this way bc he is only learning and should not be punished for mistakes. We are teaching our children to fear man and to be perfectionist. Perfect love cast out all fears! Jesus said train a child in the way they should go, not hit a child in the way they should go. Often, parents are very impatient to take the time to actually teach, so they hit. This is not God’s ways at all. Jesus sat among the children to teach, did he ever hit? He is our example!
Vision: I saw a man pushing a woman’s face into the car seat. I knew this man was abusive to her. He had a pink short sleeve dress shirt on that was opened with a white t-shirt underneath it. He was dark skinned. Again, Is this like Jesus? Love your wife like Christ loves the church, hmmm…where does he hurt his church? Men if you are abusive, you need to find the Lord’s love before you ever get with a woman. He will train you how to love what he entrusted you with. Not the way you learned from the world. Love has self-control and is patient and kind. If you have a desire to hit another person or hurt them in anyway, this is a heart issue and needs to be fixed in you. God gives hearts of flesh, but a hardened heart will cause a lot of damage to yourself or others.
Dream: I saw a violent irish guy who made his wife fear him. In this dream I helped the guy also. They had a baby. He was bullying another man and it was like the woman was crying for my help somehow. Me and God fixed this situation and he painted my cabinets for me and had a change of heart. I knew it had to be God bc a man was with me, but I never saw his face I only felt him.
Heard: Dog is named Charlie
Vision: I heard a car horn and then I see a vision of what looked like a woman who died. It seemed cloudy around her.
Vision: I saw a white letter from like the government or someone in news? and at the top was addressed as “The Nation”
Dream: My two sisters walked away from me. It had something to do with a car breaking down in walmart (I think) and was trying to reattach a car part and there was a misunderstanding so they both went their own way and I went my own way alone. My younger sister seemed different and more frustrated easily and I believe said something before they walked into the store together. When they came out I was gone. I can’t remember the misunderstanding that caused it. Sometimes these dreams can be feelings we have, but time will tell if it’s just emotions or will happen.
Vision: I saw a car door opening, and someone was coming to sit with me. I didn’t see who it was, but knew it was a man.
Words that keep jumping out at my spirit: Jonathan (not sure why i keep seeing this name, but noticed ‘nathan” is part of it), honey, isabel, and katie or kate.