Vision: Jesus Sitting With His Disciples


Vision: Saw Jesus sitting on the ground in a circle with his white robe on and hood was up this time. Possibly symbolizing prayer. He was talking to the people in the circle and I was sitting across from him. I felt like he was talking to his disciples about the events going on and what’s next. He still prays and plans for his people even today. Below may be one thing he was discussing with his disciples.

Words: I saw a sentence all in white again and the word that stuck out to my spirit was “Harvest” He’s been talking about the harvest a lot and I believe he is in the process of doing a lot of harvesting of his bride ready and in full fruitation with strong roots grounded in Jesus. He is also getting new sheep ready to come to another harvest. He is always harvesting and he will till the end.

Vision: I saw a guy again with a man bun, scarf and a silver suit on like ready for work. He was facing a doorway doing something. I only saw the back of him.

Vision: I saw Jesus standing sideways facing left in ankle deep water and he was wet. He had his white robe on staring out into the distance. It looked like a lake. (This I believe is in reference to the water baptism(flesh) and holy spirit bapstism(spirit). I have talked a lot about these two being separate as Jesus showed and proved to me in amazing ways. Please search at the bottom for past post for “Holy Spirit Baptism.”)

Vision: I first said “WOW” and then I saw 3 beautiful visions of 3 sets of balloons back to back. The first set was colorful, then the second set was blue and white, then the third set was like a peach or rose gold and silver. The silver balloon then burst and all these beautiful silver particles were flying all over.

Dream: I saw a small family farm shop and there was a big family that was a part of it. There was a man that was their brother who worked really hard on this business or his business that I believe was located on the farm. Not sure if he owned this farm or the whole family did. I just remember they were saying he was a really hard worker and had a farm and business like a store or shop. I felt this man was alone and the quiet type.
Heard: He lost his wife and then it repeated. This message was for someone personal.