God said: Beyond


Saw: “Beyond” in very big white words.  See next post for meaning God gave me. He can do Ephesians 3 20-21, but the meaning is more.
Vision: I woke to see an explosion or blast in the spirit.
Heard: I woke to hearing this song for a second time. At this moment by Billy Vera
Heard: Half a million, yep she’s got it. I was looking into a purse and there was money. Not sure if I was someone else or myself
Heard: Nobody is within reach… it’s all within reach….This was part of a sentence and this is the part that stuck out.
Dream: I was preaching to a large crowd with thousands in some stadium. I remember waiting my turn and then when I preached some ppl rose up bc they felt the spirit, but the majority did not. I remember feeling God was just getting ready to move in the spirit and I felt rushed and as soon as Jesus started speaking to give me things to say, they made me sit down. I felt so on fire, I struggled to stay sitting bc I wanted to share all he said. I was disappointed they did not give me more time.

Dream: I was first stuck with a family and living with them and the mom was not very nice and very controlling. It was like I was adopted and a child in high school. They were a dark skinned family that I was staying with. I was going to school and I realized now I could go to college and there was opposition as I was trying with ppl trying to keep me back. I kept going and a blonde girl came to move up with me, because we both realized we should be moving to another school now. My sons took my car and were going to drive it home. I followed her down a stairwell and kept getting stopped by family. She went on to the college waiting in the main entrance while looking for our class for us. When I got there we only had 11 minutes left to find it. I am trying to organize my bag with a lot of 100 dollar bills in it and money, to try and find my class room. We went to the right down a hallway with doors and at the very end right was the room she said, but was not sure and she was tired of looking. There was a professor standing there with a black robe on greeting students. The door was shut, but we were only a little late. We go to sit down and realized everyone was advanced in this room, so we questioned if we had the correct room. We were getting ready to watch some kind of dinosaur movie for the first day on a big theater screen. It was like reward for being advanced and not as hard stuff now. There was a little girl next to me I look over and she is saying really intelligent things to her dad. She was elementary in college.
Dream: I was at some kind of outside cookout event at a grocery location like Krogers sitting in a fold out chair and eating. There was a guy tall dark hair playing the guitar singing and watching me. I noticed the sun starts to shine on my eyes and he starts to stare at me. Then I feel like he is singing to me. For some reason I felt very beautiful. It made me feel awkward him staring, but I just kept eating. There was something to do with this expensive jean skirt given to me that i had over a cooler. It was like it was rare and they said I can’t come here with that. The guy just laughed at me like it was no big deal and smiled at me.
Dream: I was dreaming of a man with a group of men all very tall like warrior types. Another guy came to offer a reward so they were all trying to impress him. The final guy came with charm and he said all the right things and made him laugh. He had a humbleness to him. A woman came around the corner who was his wife with a baby, she had escaped from her kidnapped tribe. He ran to her and then ran after and caught the two woman who held her captive. He had anger towards them and locked them up. The man and woman were dreaming and they had this bright light over them and the man first was being attacked in dreams but woke, then he noticed the woman was struggling in her dreams also, so he woke her. It was like these two had high callings and was like a King and Queen.
Dream: I was graduating, but bc of the chaos around they were delaying graduation 30 days. Someone put my name to go to graduation, but I didn’t want to go.