Prophetic Word: “My Strongest Army”


Heard in the spirit: “My strongest army” and then I felt a presence of God’s army around me, and saw a quick vision of an army surrounded in a circle in front of me. They all had their full armor on even with wounds. (See full armor of God in scriptures to understand this meaning further. Ephesians 6:11-24 and Psalms 34:7. We put on our armor in the spirit and are ready in the spirit for the attacks of the enemy. God has an angel army that protects us and God’s army in this world is being trained NOW in this world! We also have to learn to follow the Lord, pick up our crosses, and put on our full armor!)

Psalms 34:7“The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.”

Saw a response to something I asked God in the spirit…he said “I have always loved! I love you” (Let this be a reminder he is our first love and desires the same, but know we follow a strong God and he has to build us up strong in the spirit to conquer and defeat the plans of the enemy. We have to learn to recognize the plans of the enemy too.)

To go with this word I dreamed I was first in these tents around christmas and we were very poor. There was people in control, and we
were running from enemies. At one point a woman in charge told me to fix what I broke with a man’s stuff, though she did not understand I had to do it for a reason. I ended up telling her she can trust me, bc the Lord just spoke. She asked what he said and I told her, “I have always loved you! I love you!” Then a woman was in charge and we were moved near an ocean and a storm was coming in and the woman was building the tent on the sand near the ocean and I told her, the tent would never stay in the sand, we should move it to more solid ground. So she found a gazebo on land with a trampoline inside it, but it was built into a pool, so there was still muddy water underneath it. At this location a man came who was interested in me for some reason. He later asked me to give a price for something another man made and I told him a fair price and he accepted. He did not think the man who was selling them was giving fair prices. There was also many dogs there and I said the word “treat” and they all chased me for it. I was laughing. There was two elderly couples standing watching us pitch our tent over this gazebo on solid ground and giving us advice. Though it did not feel it was fully supportive from the storms the location she picked, I still felt it would withstand the storms. (This dream goes with the scripture Jesus spoke about Matthew 7:26, so read that to understand the meaning of this dream further. The point of this dream was to trust God more then man, and build your home(temple) on his words and knowing him more then anything in this world, because the world is not our home and it has the deceiver in it.)

God has been calling me “Jacob.” I woke to hearing him say “Jacob”

Heard: AVD Expect a lineage

I’ve been praying about these two girls who worship the devil for a week since hearing about them. I waited to see how God wanted me to approach them. I told God yesterday I was going to speak to them and then he gave me two dreams about them. There was one older who God showed would fight against it more, she had dark nails, her hair was in a double ponytail on both sides of her head. She had a tv mounted to her wall and would listen to bad music that I asked her to turn off while I share the message bc I could hear satan in the music she chose. She also loved halloween. I was witnessing to them both in their private rooms in these dreams. I was showing them the truth about Jesus and who he really was and what he wanted from them. Both these girls had people they were trying to convince, but these voices are false spirits/false God’s I showed them. Jesus wanted them to know he will be in man form when he does come back with his army and not as a woman. He wanted them to know to stop following the false God’s or voices they hear and pick up their cross and follow him now. He wanted me to show them all he has done to prove himself to me as a testimonial and that he is good. He wanted me to show them that in the end he will defeat the devil they follow and he is the creator of us all. Why would you follow someone that was created by the Living God and who can be defeated by his own creator as well? It was a test for you both. God will one day run out of his patience for the devil and his cruelty. He deceives  even his own followers to get what he wants. Is that who you follow? You listen to the wrong voices, the deceiving voices. We need to be wise to know who we should fear & serve more, the creator or the one he created! Fearing him means to love him and there is nothing the Lord won’t do for those who love him and this he wanted me to emphasize to his people. He proved that to me! I have seen the lord on multiple occasions and I know his plans as well as the devil’s plans. Trust me when I say, you follow the one who God himself created that now allows him to test us, then you are been deceived. God needs trust too(faith and trust are the same to him) and then you see him in action more consistently, then you see him manifested by visions, his voice or other ways your spirit will recognize, and then your eyes will be opened to see more truth!

I felt I was playing the role in these two dreams or observing for others:
I saw a screen name of a man who believed I was his wife, but can’t remember the name fully. I believe it was something like eyamme in the screen name. He was from Iraq and he tried to call me and I was not sure how he got my number. He sent me gifts and some showed me how tall he was by how tall his pants were. Almost like he was proving how tall he was. They were like arabic pants or a culture around it with ties to hold up the waist.

Saw my cousins homeless when I went on vacation with my husband and I let them stay with me. My aunt gave me some money to help me, because I was helping them. I believe we were in the Florida area. It turned out a coworker did something dishonest, because she had no choice and she felt guilty about it. I knew she was still good hearted. The area was not a safe area and their dad was in coffin with a baby in it. I didn’t feel their mom was around anymore either.