Vision: Jesus Smiling & Humility


Vision: I saw a couple visions, one of Jesus smiling while looking down. His hair was somewhat wavy and to the shoulders. Then I see another vision where I see his eyes closed and a close up of one of his eyes shut like he was praying. His eyebrow looked a bit pointy on the top middle of it, but it was not extreme at all…just enough for me to see it had a bit of a point to it and more details of his eyebrows. I am always curious when he smiles almost like he is hiding something he wants to share so bad that I don’t see yet, something he is doing that’s coming.

Then I come across this video below about humility that made me take a second look bc I was feeling this exact way. I have learned to put myself lower then others though sometimes I don’t come across like that bc I am a teacher at heart like Jesus, but truly I have good intentions to help others grow higher with the Lord. I am not perfect by any means and sometimes my fears or past can get in my way. I don’t know any prophet or character in the bible that was perfect, bc none are except Jesus.  When we are being pruned, all of our bad stuff comes out of us to refine us. This video is a great prophetic word about humility and is so true for all following Jesus on the narrow path. Anyone suffering or struggling, it may give you hope why. I know we often think why do they get to be happy while I sit here and sacrifice to follow the Lord, but truly that is the road with Jesus. Some day there is a reward for the sacrifice, but the greatest reward we know is…we get the Savior! The suffering and sacrifice is not just for the promises, it’s to see God’s glory in it, to learn there is no greater love then him. The promises are nothing without Jesus! Nothing will ever compare! No spouse, no money, no child will ever fill the void more then Jesus can. People see our flaws and run, but Jesus knows you inside and out and he knows how to make you truly, fully happy.  While everyone else may see bad in you or you may see bad in you, Jesus said…I’m not done with them yet!

Words I saw on rows of black cards and white words: “Still The Storm Timed Something New”
Message from friend: Ok getting rez music
Dream: My sister brought a man over to watch movies and I told her he was not the one. He touched my shoulder to try to persuade me and I didn’t trust him. This guy was a complete stranger to me.
Dream: Was interviewing with a hiring manager and they were very unhappy with two other employees in the company. It seemed not many was there due to cutting down on employee’s bc of Covid. This hiring manager took me in her office and seemed very stressed out.