Vision: Jesus Pondering At The Ocean


Vision: I saw a vision of Jesus staring out into the ocean today. He had his wavy shoulder length hair down. He had his white robe on, but this time his robe was humble and not of fine materials, but more like he was showing me again his humbleness. He was standing on a dock staring out into the ocean with his hands behind his back as if thinking deeply about us. There was a wood box on the dock also. I have not seen him in a while this close, so I get so sad when he does not show. I miss his purity and love I see in these visions, his humbleness. It’s so easy to get pulled back into the world with distractions or desires we truly don’t need. I know he is the greatest treasure, and I want more of what I see in him. I want to be like him and be by him. I wish I could show you what he shows me, I wish you could see this love he has for us and how he watches us closely out of love. He waits patiently for us to return if we wander away. He desires our love, but he is patient for it with forgiveness if we love other things over him. I’m telling you, you will crave more and more of Jesus once you meet him. I can’t explain that any other way. He will truly show you heaven now within him.
I used to jump our fence with my sisters when I was young, and we would go into this unfinished neighborhood behind our house where there was a pile of dirt that looked like a small hill. My sisters would ride their bikes and I would go up on the hill and talk to God staring into the sky. I wanted to be close to him even when I was younger, and that stuff does not go unnoticed with God. If you seek him, you will eventually get him fully. If your not fully experiencing him yet, let me encourage you that sometimes he has to prepare our hearts and minds first. You have to learn purity in heart and mind to be close to him consistently. What I mean by this is not perfection either, but pure thoughts of desire for him and love for others. Jesus will help you become more and more like him over time. Let him do his work in you and keep following him no mater what you experience…there is a great reward if you don’t give in to satan’s lies! My whole life I seeked him deeper, and then one day he came when I was ready! I cannot wait to put my hand in his one day and walk beside him in the field of flowers he has shown me.  He has become my true love!

Vision: Jesus in the distance with his white robe and it was very bright. He was facing me and watching me wanting me to come closer. Had this vision several days ago, and I was feeling distant at the time he showed this. I can be bratty sometimes and wander off looking at pretty purple flowers on the path, but he always pulls me back closer to him again. I am either watching him, or he is watching me in these visions. I love that!

Vision: I saw on a speghetti bottle top the word “Happy”
Word: I saw another word of “Faith”
Hebrews 11:16 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

Dream: I was trying to clean up a babies mess and it seemed to get worse, I got some of it cleaned up and walked away to get something. I come back and a guy had the baby cleaned up fully. Not sure who this guy is.
Dream: I was dreaming of a mom who her child was kidnapped (a young boy). He originally had her too but she escaped to go get help. The guy was holding him hostage till she did something, but I am not sure what she had to do. It was a building with a long hallway entrance and steps coming out of it with parking right in front. it had offices in it also, but a big gym type area where he was keeping the boy. I felt her sadness and pain and it was extreme. She was trying everything wanting to save him and she somehow got the lock or key to escape. She went back to spy and check on her son through a window and he looked different and acted different as if suffering and confused. He had a skirt on for some reason and it seemed there was other kids being held also. I also felt this little boys confusion and fear. Praying over what this dream is about!
Dream: I dreamed of a guy he had two girls he liked. He wanted to get close to me, but loved her. He was setting up his living room two different ways as if two different lives. I remember packing up my stuff to leave bc I saw him with his arm around the other girl.
Words: I heard my friend say “She’s not the one”